About Us

Lagooniversity.com is presented by Triplepoint Environmental, as part of our mission to help Lagoons Do It Better. Lagoons provide reliable, low maintenance wastewater treatment and should be rehabilitated, not replaced.

We're a little heartbroken when we hear a small town is replacing their lagoon system with a mechanical plant and getting saddled with loan payments and higher operational and maintenance costs.

We believe in lagoons, and that this effective, sustainable method of wastewater treatment should be preserved. That's why we've developed lagoon technologies that leverage the existing infrastructure and upgrade it—increasing capacity, replacing underperforming equipment, or adding processes to treat nutrients like ammonia and phosphorus—as cost-effectively as possible.

Your lagoon can be upgraded to remove ammonia and phosphorus, treat BOD and solids, and produce an effluent quality as good as a mechanical plant—at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

For more on our lagoon technologies plus educational blogs, free webinars, and case study videos, visit our website: lagoons.com