Masterclass: Lagoon Recirculation

Recirculation of flow from within a wastewater treatment system has been utilized as a tool for decades. This one-hour class will look at the benefits of recirculating water from the back of your lagoon system to the front; including how and why it can improve BOD removal, reduce algae, lower nitrate levels, increase alkalinity and […]

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Masterclass: Lagoon Pests

In this 60 minute webinar, attendees will learn about common flying and burrowing lagoon pests and how to deal with them Attendees will improve their understanding of creatures they may encounter in and around their lagoon system, the operational and treatment problems these invasive pests can cause, what their presence reveals about treatment conditions, and

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Masterclass: Lagoon Aeration

This 60 minute webinar will present an overview of lagoon aeration, both in facultative and mechanically aerated lagoon systems; and its function in lagoon-based wastewater treatment. Topics include a comparison of aeration technologies and efficiency considerations. Preapproved for 1 continuing education hour in Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming

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Masterclass: Wastewater Lagoons: A Foundational Overview

Designed for the novice, this hour-long webinar provides a broad overview of the basic principles and methods of wastewater management with a specific focus on lagoon-based treatment. Preapproved for 1 continuing education hour in Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Montana, and Washington with the successful completion of the quiz and verified attendance. Likely accepted in states

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